Thursday, October 20, 2011

Where Were You October 9, 1973?-- Part 3

MY MARIA-- B.W. STEVENSON-- (A peronal favorite of mine. I also liked the brooks and Dunn version.)
ANGIE-- ROLLING STONES-- World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band from Goat's Head Soup. (So sweet, it's hard to believe they did it.)

All in the family. They might as well be brothers. The "Brothers Set."

THAT LADY-- ISLEY BROTHERS-- Featuring the great guitar work of Ernie Isley. (My favorite I.B. song.)
RAMBLIN' MAN-- ALLMAN BROTHERS-- From Brothers and Sisters (Keeping it all in the family.)
CHINA GROVE-- DOOBIE BROTHERS-- Top Ten from The Captain and Me. (And a song that reminds me of the drive out to Galena, Illinois, for our honeymoon. Takes me right back.)

THE HURT-- CAT STEVENS-- According to WCFL Survey, the number one song in Chicagoland. (A great one by the Cat before he went all religious on us. Not one you usually think of when you think of his hits.)

I Was Earning a Grand Total of $8300 a Year Teaching Back Then. Strangely, Though, We Lived Fairly Well On That Amount. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCE: I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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