Thursday, October 6, 2011

JSIS: iPhones-- College Trips-- Where's the Beef?

JSIS-- Just Some Interesting Stuff

1. iPHONES-- Evolution of Apple's iPhone. Yesterday I posted about the various iPhones, but later saw that I had the names wrong. According to the Chicago Tribune, it was: Original iPhone (2007) iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G (@008), iPhone 3GS (2009), iPhone4 (2010) and now the iPhone 5.

Do we really need to upgrade every year like that?

2. COLLEGE TRIPS-- Oct. 5th Chicago Tribune article on freshmen at Addison Trail High School outside Chicago taking a field trip to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to get them interested in college. Great idea, but I suggest the field trips be to Northern Illinois University in closer-by Dekalb.

This could get the students more fired up about their grades after seeing the payoff.

Parents should also take their high school children on visits to colleges.

3. WHERE'S THE BEEF?-- is back. Oct. 5th Chicago Tribune. The new commercial of the kid walking around with the vintage "Where's the Beef" tee shirt and looking amazed when every older folk calls it back to him is a fun trip back down memory lane for me.It was 27 years ago when Chicagoan Clara Peller made the famous quote pitching for Wendy's. She died a few years later in 1987.

Liz says a friend of hers worked on the set and had to hide behind the counter because Clara could not remember when to say her line. When it was time, he'd tug on her dress to cue her. That is why she always looked a bit shocked when she said it.

Now, companies seem to have learned that a little bit of humor, right Aflac duck and Mayhem, goes a long way. These are commercials I stop what I'm doing to watch.

That Was One Funny Commercial. --RoadDog

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