Monday, October 3, 2011

Every Bloomin' THing: Early October

The various sedum and many, many, many mums are carrying the color right now.

Plus, the golden rods are near the end of their run. I have some sort of plants with hundreds of little white blooms that is at its top right now.

No trees changing yet.

Best to steer clear of the sedum and those white plants as they are covered with stinging varmints.

I'll have to put up the Halloween decs in the next week as it is that time of the season.

Just ate my second nut-covered caramel apple, something that says to fall to me. have to get over to Meijer's to get a gallon of the apple cider as well. Now that it's October, I can burn on the weekends through November.

I consider fall to be September and October. Forget November, although it's technically a part of fall. We just finished the coldest September in Chicago history, so hoping I;ll get some fall now.

Temps in the 70s this week, so hope to get some final boating in.

Love That Fall. --RoadDog

PARAPROSDOKIAN SENTENCE: If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

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