Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fort Fisher Had a Huge Impact On Me

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the capture of Fort Fisher in North Carolina, Jan. 15, 1865.  Even though the Confederacy's chances of surviving the Union onslaught were about nil by then, the fall of Fort Fisher effectively sealed the port of Wilmington, the South's last  contact with the rest of the world.  Lee surrendered less than 90 days later and the war was mostly over.

It was a visit to Fort Fisher back when I was seven that got me interested in the Civil War.  I was with my dad at Fort Fisher and he explained that the Civil War was fought between the North and the South.  I told him that we would have been for the North.  After all, I had learned that we lived in "North" Carolina and "North" America.  He had to explain it to me and ever after, I couldn't find out enough about the Civil War.

That interest soon branched into anything doing with history, even to lots of toy soldiers as I grew up.  When I got to college, my major was history.    That led to 33 years of teaching social studies and collecting far too many books and history stuff.

This is why I have all these doggone blogs.  I just can't let go of my history.

Like I Said, BIG Impact.  --RoadDog

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