Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Deaths in 2014: Glen Larson, 77, Founder Four Preps and TV Producer

GLEN LARSON, 77 Died November 14, 2014.

Was a founding member and baritone of the Four Preps and a well-known TV producer.  His Four Preps harmony influenced Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys sound.  They charted 18 times in eight years starting in 1956.  Some of their biggest hits were "26 Miles (to Santa Catalina)"  (#2 in 1958), "Big Man" (#3 in 1958) and "Down By the Station" (#13 in 1960).  All of these were penned by him.

Afterwards he worked for Quinn Martin Productions on "The Fugitive" and later produced "Alias Smith and Jones," "The Six Million Dollar Man," "Battleship Gallatica," "Quincy MD," "Magnum PI" and :Knight Rider."

He also wrote the theme songs to "Battlestar Gallatica" and "The Fall Guy."

Quite a talented fellow.

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