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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Super Gas Gouge Yesterday: 70 Cent Jump!!! Gas Now As High As $3.40!!!

Yesterday, August 12th, I was in for a shock.

On the 11th, gas in Fox Lake, Illinois was at $2.70 a gallon, ($2.69.9) and had been dropping a few cents every several days.

On the way to the theater yesterday, I saw gas was at $2.80, a ten cent jump, which often happens around here because of all the traffic coming up to the Chain of Lakes for boating on on their way to Lake Geneva and other points in Wisconsin.  However, the BP was, for some reason, at $3.40.  Someone sure must have goofed.

After the movie, I met Liz at the boat and told her about the $3.40 a gallon at BP.  She told me something about she heard that the BP in Whiting, Indiana, had had some sort of a problem yesterday and gas prices in the Midwest were expected to go up soon.

On the way back home, I saw that gas was still $2.80 at Thornton's, but gas at Phillips 66 was up to $3.00.  Gas at BP was still $3.40 and, believe it or not, there were some people there getting gas.

We were going to go up to Donovan's in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, which is generally cheaper than Fox Lake, but when we got there both stations were at $3.00.  Liz had seen that gas at Rock Corner, Il-173 and Wilmot Road,  was at $2.70 so went by there and it still was.  I filled up as we were below 1/4 full.  As we pulled out, I saw gas was repriced to $3.40!!

We just made it!!!

That Was 70 Cents in Less Than a Minute!!  Thanks A lot BP!!!   --RoadDog

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